Grant Writing

The ability to effectively create a successful grant proposal extends far beyond the ability to be a creative writer. The requirement to accurately comprehend the grant application, meet specific compliance standards, meet deadlines, submit properly and if awarded maintain detailed financial records and follow procurement processes can be overwhelming and very time consuming.

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Is your training customized, Homeland Security compliant and specific to the needs of your response area or workplace? Does it meet expectations and truly test capabilities of response? Does it take you out of your comfort zone while providing educational moments and comprehensive after action reports for future development? If not, contact ERC for your customized training solutions.

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Emergency Preparedness

Are You Ready? Critical Incidents know no borders and life safety is a legal obligation. Is your plan for the ill prepared, elderly and the disabled? Has it been shared and are your employees advised? Contact ERC for your hazard mitigation and preparedness solutions.

Response Education

Was your training designed for someone else and you paid someone again for it, was it your agency or industry specific and did it consist of more than watching a PowerPoint? Contact ERC for your customized education.

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Active Shooter/Hostile MCI Response Planning

ERC is your total solutions provider to Active Shooter/Hostile MCI Response.

Public Speaking

Ego’s & Attitudes in Emergency Management, Dispatcher vs. Responder: Why the Divide?, Millennials-What’s the Problem? and much more

Grant Writing and Management

Need equipment, vehicles, training and planning or any other resource for your agency, but don’t have the funding?

Emergency Preparedness

Hazard Mitigation, Risk Assessments, HSEEP Training, Response Policies, EOC/MACC Training, Shelter Management and much more!

Training & Education

ICS/NIMS, HSEEP, Tabletop to Full-Scale Exercises, EOC Training, Shelter Drills, CPR/AED, First Responder, Narcan Administration, ACLS and much more

AFG Grants are open!

The 2017 Assistance to Firefighters Grant is soon to open and agencies across the Country will be competing for limited funding. Don’t be left behind!

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Active Shooter/Hostile MCI Response Planning

Be Prepared! The life you save may just be your own.

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