Having trained staff is the start of recognizing, responding and recovering from a critical incident. However, knowing what the risks may be for your staff, company and the surrounding environment is critical to reduce the loss of life and property.

The ability to accurately prepare for any incident can not be fully accomplished without the completion of the Risk Management Process. A proper Risk Assessment and Threat Assessment for your company is critical to preparation. Understanding the larger aspect of the threats that may potentially impact you or your organization will allow you to be better prepared.

The staff at ERC will complete a written analysis of threats that may impact your organization with detailed recommendations of how you may be better prepared. The end result of this in-depth analysis will be a comprehensive Emergency Response Plan that will provide complete detailed information for your staff to respond to an incident as simple as a medical call all the way to a major structure fire.


Our Emergency Response Plans will be completed through a comprehensive analysis, site inspection and review of current safety standards specific to each organization. Our dedicated staff will research areas that may need to be improved or created depending on the needs determined through the completed Risk Assessment.

Additionally, our comprehensive training staff will assist in developing safety teams that will be trained and receive knowledge specific to the needs of their specific organization. This total solution process results in an increase level of safety and reduction of negative effects from critical incidents.

If you recognize that your staff is the key to your organizational success and their safety and training have a direct impact regarding your operational success, then contact ERC today to discuss potential needs.

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