Grant Writing

The ability to effectively create a successful grant proposal extends far beyond the ability to be a creative writer. The requirement to accurately comprehend the grant application, meet specific compliance standards, meet deadlines, submit properly and if awarded maintain detailed financial records and follow procurement processes can be overwhelming and very time consuming.

The grant staff at ERC is proud to introduce the following process to streamline your efforts in being awarded your grants based on your needs.

  • Initial consultation to determine needs versus wants.
  • Search for specific grants that meet your needs.
  • Determination to write individual grant or establish annual contract with ERC.
  • Grant titles and overview presented to customer for written agreement.
  • Initial proposal presented for review from organizational Grant Staff.
  • Final grant proposal submitted for review from organizational Grant Staff.
  • Approved proposal submitted to Grantee.

If awarded:

  • Review approval guidelines.
  • Meet with Grant Committee to announce award and next steps.
  • Establish purchasing and compliance process to move forward.
  • Complete grant requirements.
  • Generate required reports and submit accordingly.
  • Retain grant files and financial documents for seven years.

This process may vary depending on specific grant proposals. Contact ERC today to discuss your department’s potential to be awarded a grant and benefit from the services that ERC provides.

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